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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rag Rug: Part 2 {Getting Crafty}

I'm slightly overwhelmed by the amount of traffic I got from part one of the tutorial. So without further delay, here is part two!

1.I used a Q Size crochet hook (I said earlier K, just edited the correction) (15mm)- The largest I had!  You could also knit using the same materials if you prefer. 2. Tie a slip knot and 3. chain stitch until you achieve the desired length.

4. For the main body of work I used double crochet stitch /UK treble stitch.

So far working up the rug has been quicker than cutting the material!

I am not finished as yet, but will post a finished photo as soon as I can. I would love it if you bookmarked the blog or added me to your reading list!



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