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Friday, April 27, 2012

Faking Macro {Photo Tip #1}

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many photo tricks and tips. Putting together some new techniques I have been learning and sharing them with you. Because, lets face it it is going to be a month before I get back on track with my 365 Project.

So here we go with photo trick number 1.

I recently read about a technique that allows you to fake a macro shot with a 50mm lens. (I wish I had saved the link) In layman's terms, macro is an extreme close up, typically of a small object. Using a 50mm lens that is held in reverse up to the camera (a DSLR in my case)

This first shot is about as close you can get to an object (in this case, bald Lego Harry Potter) while it remains in focus with a 50mm lens.

This second shot shows how close you can get using this reverse lens technique.

It is quite hard to focus, especially since one hand is holding the camera and the other is holding the lens. The best way to achieve this is to move yourself closer or further from the object. I found that it made no difference to the manual focus settings anyway. 

So in short, a fair amount of experimenting is recommended. There is a very small depth of field, so while Harry's face is mostly in focus, the rest of him in not. This is not the technique to use if you require a sharp image, but it allows creativity at very little cost. 

At this stage I have only used my 50mm lens, but I am interested to know if anyone wants to try, or has tried another sized lens. 

Here are a couple more experiments. As you can see Lego was a readily available (and still) subject. 

In summary, do I like this technique? Yes, I like the dreamy softness, and I have always been a fan of macro photography in general. I hope that you give it a try. You will require a D/SLR camera to try it. And please let me know how it goes!



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